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Poll: Give us your Opinion on RECRUITERS (Third Party or Independant Recruiters are those who get Paid for Placement) - Multiple Answers Welcome

Welders, Welding Instructors

Welding Jobs - Welders, Welding Instructors at John Lopez Welding School, Bakersfield California

Corrosion Engineer, Coatings Development Engineer, Brazing/Joining Engineer

Corrosion Engineer wanted at MesoCoat in Ohio,
Coatings Development Engineer wanted at MesoCoat in Ohio,
Brazing and Joining Engineer wanted at Mesocoat in Ohio,

Human Resource Manager, WA

Human Resource Manager wanted at Dade Moeller in Richland, Washington,

MTV World - Web Producer and Photo Editor

Hiring a Web Producer at MTV Desi in New York,
Hiring a Photo Editor at MTV World in New York,