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Weld Supervisor

Weld Supervisor MasterGuard, Indiana Apply with info on the above website 

Supervising Electrician

Supervising Electrician San Diego State University, California Apply with info on the above website 


Qualfon Data Services Group - Agent

Faculty Technology Specialist

Faculty Technology Specialist NYU Shanghai, China

Co-Generation Operator

Co-Generation Operator, UC Davis Health System, California

Customer Service Red Alert

Customer Service Red Alert Georgia

Customer Service Order Control

Customer Service Order Control Georgia

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant Georgia

Shop Apprentice Repair (Furniture)

Shop Apprentice Repair (Furniture) Georgia

Physics Teacher

Physics Teacher Rosary High School, Illinois

Financial Analyst

Financial Analyst Annapurna LLC (dba Himalaya), California

Professor of Statistics (assistant, associate)

Assistant/Associate/Full Time Professor in Statistics - University of Geneva (Switzerland) -

TIG Welder

TIG Welder Lenjoy Medical Engineering, California Apply with info on the above website