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Welders - 50 positions - Afghanistan

Welders - 50 positions - Afghanistan

Flux Core, Long Seam, Welders and Fitters

SUN Technical Services is hiring in Fort Worth, Texas 20 Positions in each Flux Core Welders Long Seam Welders Welder/Fitter

Faculty Position - Mathematical Physics

The Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL) invites applications to fill a tenure-track faculty position in Mathematical Physics The successful candidate, holder of a PhD degree in theoretical physics and having a solid knowledge of mathematics as well, will carry out research in mathematical physics of an international standard, integrating the activities of the research Centre in Geometry, Physics and Probability while strengthening the overall cohesion of the Institute of Research in Mathematics and Physics. The relevant fields of research include, out of equilibrium statistical physics and critical phenomena, renormalization group applications and the approach towards phase transitions, conformal field theories and stochastic processes, nonlinear dynamical systems and their quantization, noncommutative geometry and nonperturbative approaches related to the quantum dynamics of systems and fields. The successful candidate will have teaching assignments in t

Multiple Welding Positions

Hire Authority in Twin Cities (MN) is hiring Welding /Welders

Faculty Position - Experimental Laser Physics

Faculty Position - Experimental Laser Physics UCLouvain, Belgium view details: Within the Institute of Condensed Matter and Nanosciences (IMCN), the successful candidate will carry out research in the field of time-resolved multiphoton interactions. Particular interest will be paid to the real-time investigation of the dynamics of electron clouds in quantum systems such as atoms, molecules and clusters, and more generally, to the interaction of ultrashort pulses with systems of increasing complexity. Potential applications in physics, chemistry and biology will be emphasized to promote networking within IMCN, and more generally, with the other research institutes of the Science and Technology Sector. The successful candidate will have teaching assignments in the School of Physics (general courses and specialized courses for the light-atom-molecule master programme). In addition, he/she will have teaching assignments in physics within the various degree programmes organised at UCL. Visi