Chemistry Jobs - Program Manager in Iowa

Program Manager I – Ames Laboratory/Environmental and Protection Sciences Program, Iowa State University, Ames, IA 50011. The Program Manager will plan, develop, implement, and oversee the Midwest Forensic Resource Center (MFRC) Research and Development Program and the Technical Innovations in Management and Infrastructure (TIMI) Program objectives. This position collaborates with crime lab directors and personnel from crime laboratories in the 12-state Midwest partnership to facilitate new science project development and forensic expert review. This position initiates new collaborations to implement state of the art science to solve problems for the crime laboratories, and plans and tracks MFRC R&D and TIMI objectives with the research investigators in the 12-state region. Position requires a B.S. degree in physical science, engineering, or related field plus 5 years of research and/or research administration/management experience. A Master’s degree may be substituted for up to 2 years experience and a Ph.D. for up to 5 years experience.
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