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Jump-Starting Your Search?
Six Essentials for Job Hunters

By Sarah E. Needleman

Need to find a job on the fly? For a variety of reasons, executives and professionals often find themselves needing to identify and land a new position quickly. If you're starting a job search, here's guidance on getting-started basics, and links to more advice that can help ensure you make your best shot at success.
3. Search online.

While large job-search sites list a variety of postings, they're not necessarily the best resource for those in highly specialized jobs. Niche sites that advertise jobs in a particular industry or field may be a better bet for focused searches.

WHAT TO DO: Make your first stop at an industry-specific job site, such as for chemists, for bankers or interEC.NET for engineers. Check blogs and email newsletters devoted to a particular industry for job listings in your field. Review the Web sites of industry groups like the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters Society, which lists insurance jobs. Some executive recruiters advertise their search assignments online. An example is Crandall Associates Inc., a firm in New York that fills jobs in direct marketing, telesales and customer service.
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