Mohawk Industries, a Fortune 500 floor covering manufacturer, is currently seeking buyers with MRO purchasing experience. A minimum of five years of purchasing experience required for both. One position with electrical commodities experience and one with chemical commodities experience required. Skills must include experience in sourcing and negotiating, not just order placement. Candidates should be proficient in MS Word and Excel or similar spreadsheet software. Candidates should have the ability to research, compile and analyze spend data for quotation process.
Candidates should have experience with AS400 systems. Ideal applicants should be self-motivated and possess initiative, demonstrate exceptional written and verbal communication skills and have an excellent attendance record. Minimum education requirement is a high school diploma; college degree preferred.
In addition to a positive work environment with a stable industry leader, Mohawk offers an excellent compensation package including a comprehensive benefit plan. Features include 401(k) plan, medical plan with prescription card, dental/vision plan, life insurance, profit sharing, short-term and long-term disability, tuition reimbursement and much more.
Interested applicants should submit resumes via fax to: 706-428-8228 or via email to email.
Resumes may be mailed to Nikki Robinson, Human Resources, Mohawk Industries, P.O. Box 1006, Dalton, GA, 30720. NO PHONE CALLS, PLEASE.
Mohawk is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and committed Drugs Don't Work participant. EEO/AA M/F/D/V


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Mohawk Industries provides career opportunities in yarn manufacturing, carpet manufacturing, distribution, sales, customer service and trucking. Training is provided throughout the company to ensure that the workforce is up-to-date on all the latest technologies and equipment.

The benefits package at Mohawk Industries may vary by location and job function, but all eligible employees enjoy well-rounded benefits designed to sure a happy, healthy workforce. The package includes health, dental, vision & prescription drug coverage options, insurance options, tuition reimbursement, holidays, vacations and other program options.

Theyre always looking for workers..

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