Instructional Support Technician

College of Engineering - Materials Engineering
Half-time (.50) position
$1,849 - $2,773/mo
Closing Date: 05/09/08
The Materials Engineering department has about 6 faculty members, 160 undergraduate and 15 graduate students. The curriculum covers metals, ceramics, and polymers and the courses are very hands-on and lab/project intensive. Labs include a scanning electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction, atomic force microscopy, microelectronics clean room, mechanical testing, metallography, furnaces, and a machine shop.
This half-time position is responsible for providing comprehensive laboratory instructional support to the Materials Engineering Department faculty and students with lab, research and other project activities. Additionally, the position will order and track lab supplies, help maintain and troubleshoot equipment, make minor repairs, maintain equipment, and explain instrument procedures to students.
To apply, visit WWW.CALPOLYJOBS.ORG to complete the required online staff application, apply to requisition #101644. Applicants will have the option to attach a Cover Letter, Resume and three Letters of Recommendation via the online employment system. EEO.

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