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Job Description:

Xtalic Corporation, a rapidly growing Boston-area start-up company, is
seeking full-time engineers and technicians with backgrounds in
chemistry, chemical engineering, or materials science. Both experienced
electrochemists/electroplaters and recent college graduates are
encouraged to apply!

These positions will support Xtalic's commercialization of innovative
new processes based on MIT-developed nanotechnology. Our proprietary
process allows the properties of metal coatings to be customized for a
wide variety of applications. Please visit our web site,,
for more information about the company and to see several applications
of its technology.

The primary responsibilities of these positions will include:

* Operation and troubleshooting of chemical processing equipment.
* Providing chemical analysis/maintenance of electroplating solutions.
* Performing guided scientific investigations using a variety of
analytical techniques: titrations, UV-Vis, atomic absorption,
potentiometry, and SEM.
* Evaluating coatings metallurgy, mechanical performance, corrosion
performance, and electrical properties.

Required experience, background and skills:

* BS or higher degree in a relevant technical field and/or 3+ years of
experience in the electroplating industry.
* Working knowledge of basic chemistry and lab techniques.
* Detail-oriented with a demonstrated ability to manage multiple
concurrent projects and carefully document work.

Particular attention will also be paid to applicants with:

* Previous electroplating experience, especially in large-scale
* Experience with functional testing of metal coatings.
* In-depth knowledge of electrochemistry, in particularly experience
working with a potentiostat for electrochemical investigation.

Compensation packages for this position will include a competitive
combination of salary, benefits, and stock options. Employees also enjoy
flexible work hours, a friendly work environment, and company barbecues!
To apply please submit a cover letter and resume by e-mail to

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